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AHEU’s reports: Three French guests on last weekly meeting this semester and plans for next semester

Written by admin on May 31, 2010. Posted in Informasi Umum

It became special on the last Animal Husbandry English Union (AHEU)’s weekly meeting for this semester, Thursday May 27, 2010 since we had three French guests: Amel Bouchekouk, Gaelle Joubert, and Roxenne Delvert. They are UNPAD’s International Students who are studying at The Faculty of Linguistics. In more than one hour, we have discussed a lot of things with them from their adaptation process and activities in Indonesia to their activities in France. One of them asked the meeting’s participants about their knowledge on France and most participants have known France in relation with fashion, soccer, Eifel Tower, and so on.  This meeting took a place at room 7 building 4, The Faculty of Animal Husbandry. All participants seemed really enjoying this English Club’s meeting.

“Although we don’t have any more meeting this semester due to final exam preparation, we are still facilitating the weekly meeting again early of next semester” Mr. Irfan, our meeting’s coordinator said.  Also, AHEU has a plan to facilitate TOEFL Preparation Course for all interested students of Animal Husbandry’s Faculty next semester. “We will try to ask The Head of English Department in The Faculty of Linguistics to help us on learning materials as well as a tutor for this TOEFL course” Said Mr. Harry, the AHEU’s current president. We suppose that the tutor doesn’t need to be a lecturer, a final semester student of English Department or the lecture’s assistant should be alright. Unfortunately, as we don’t have any sponsor, all expenses needed such as tutor’s transport and consumption will be charged to participants. However, we guarantee you that we will charge you as minimum as we can. This TOEFL Preparation Course will be opened to all students. Finally, we hope that AHEU is able to serve The Faculty’s students on practice more English better in the next semester as a popular slogan states “Practice English is more than just a theory”. See you in the next semester, keep in touch! (Diky & Harry).

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