***Willyan Djaja, Nur Kasim Suwardi, Achmad Firman

(Animal Husbandry Faculty, Padjadjaran University)

The equipments and machines use for the dairy cattle farming is required in all of the producing process which it is included pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. But, the used equipments and machines at small farm level is still limited. The research objective was to find out the model formula and gave a description on equipments and machines service for dairy farm brought into agreement with the dairy farmers in West Java province. The method used to achieve the objective was the qualitative and quantitative analysis. The qualitative analysis used the focus group discussion approach. The quantitative analysis was focused to the technical and financial (benefit cost ratio).

The research gave the result that the farmers become conscious on the importance of milk quality. The value received by the farmers from the dairy cattle farming is Rp1.041.976,19 per month. The farmers relatively used only the lowest cost of simple equipments and machines technology. Each group has only 1 or 2 kinds of equipments and machines. The Village Unit Cooperative (KUD) operates the standard equipment in the process of quality testing and milk collecting. The research concludes as followed. 1. The system of dairy cattle agriculture bussiness runs well and requires the UPJA organizing institution to strengthen the institution estbalished. 2. The farmers bear the experience for along time in dairy farming and are able to decide a selective decision if the programme organized are not accorded to their financial. 3. Even the farmers, groups, or cooperatives state that equipments and machines are able to increase the productivity and work efficiency and so raise their income. The research suggests two aspects. 1. The model of dairy farms’ equipments and machines unit service should be progressed through the process phase started from the identification, planning, performance, development, and sustaining and so the process involves the all of the stakeholder included in the dairy cattle business. The sub system organized for the equipments and machines supplying in the dairy cattle bussiness should be easy accessed by the dairy groups. 2. There is a commitment by the member of the groups that equipments and machines capacity is accorded to the requirement of the farmers and the member of the groups leases together the equipments and machines and also hires a mechanic to operate the equipments and machines.

Key words: Equipment, machine, model, service, dairy cattle

*** Author: Langkah Jitu Membuat Kompos Dari Kotoran Ternak dan Sampah

Publisher: Agromedia