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AUAP Executive Board Meeting

Written by bayuns on April 24, 2015. Posted in Kemahasiswaan

At the 37th AUAP Executive Board Meeting which was attended by the Board and Advisory Council Member, held at the University of Tehran in Iran, it was decided to implement the AUAP strategies for the years 2015 and 2016. There are several projects to be executed by the Secretariat.

The Secretariat has decided to implement the first project, which is the selection of the AUAP Goodwill Ambassadors.

An AUAP Goodwill Ambassador is an individual AUAP member, who is ready to devote his time and efforts for the development of the association. He must be prepared to travel and promote international friendship missions on behalf of the association, represents the association at international meetings, conferences and also attend all AUAP functions.

The duties and responsibilities of the AUAP Goodwill Ambassadors are enumerated below:

– To promote the good works and image of the AUAP

– To promote the organization’s public awareness and disseminate information on issues related to the organization

– To spread the AUAP ideals and attract new members

– To work closely with the AUAP President and the Secretariat and present regular report to the organization

– To attend all AUAP meetings and conferences

In conclusion, the Secretariat would like to encourage members to nominate their candidates. Please send the application form and brief bio-data of your candidate to the Secretariat on or before 15 March 2015. For more information, kindly contact the Secretariat via e-mail: or

Kompetisi Debat Nasional Mahasiwa

Written by bayuns on March 13, 2015. Posted in Kemahasiswaan

Kompetisi Debat Antar Mahasiswa Tingkat Nasional merupakan wadah yang digagas untuk meningkatkan kemampuan akademik mahasiswa, semangat nasionalisme dan kebangkitan nasional. Kompetisi Debat Antar Mahasiswa Tingkat Nasional terbuka untuk mahasiswa dari berbagai universitas se-Indonesia.

Wisudawan/Wati Gelombang II Tahun Akademik Februari 2015

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Segenap Civitas Fakultas Peternakan Universitas Padjadjaran Mengucapkan Selamat Kepada Wisudawan/Wati Gelombang II Tahun Akademik 2014/2015

Wisuda Fapet Feb 2015.1 Wisuda Fapet Feb 2015.2 Wisuda Fapet Feb 2015.3