Willyan Djaja

Holstein is the popular dairy breed kept by Indonesia dairy farmers. The dairy calves should be fed a good quality of ration to produce higher weight gain. The primary feed nutrients are protein, energy, calcium, and phosphor. The research was designed to find out the Holstein dairy calves performance on the feed nutrients. The calves were weaned on six months of age. The dairy calves performance seemed as the average daily gain and feed consumption. There were five treatments of ration with difference of protein, enegy, calcium, and phosphor constituents. The data collected during the trial were subjected to analyze of variance using completely randomized design. The treatments were replicated four times and the treatment means were tested by Duncan’s multiple range test.

The research gave the result that the treatments using lower to higher nutrients constituents for (1) dry matter consumption 3.82, 4.09, 4,32, 4.40; and 4.54 kg/head/day, (2) protein consumption 0.38, 0.44, 0.51, 0.54, and 0.62 kg/head/day, (3) total digestible nutrients consumption 0.84, 1.08, 1.34, 1.48, (4) calcium consumption 0.02, 0.04, 0.04, 0.04; and 0.06 kg/head/day, (5) phosphor consumption 0.01, 0.02, 0.02, 0.02, and 0.02 kg/head/day, (6) average daily gain 0.32, 0.46, 0.58, 0.63, and 0.62/head/day, and (7) feed conversion 14.26, 9.05, 7.70, and 7.61 kg/head/day. Performance of the Holstein female dairy calves on the feed nutrients increases but not the feed conversion.

Key words: performance, female, weaned calf, Holstein, ration