Feedlot Nutrition and Operational Management Training at PT. Citra Agro Buana Semesta, Malangbong

The training mentioned above was held on Thursday, October 15, 2009. This training was facilitated by Meat Livestock Australia (MLA) in collaboration with PT CABS. The trainer was Miss Catherine Marriot, an animal nutritionist from Varallah Animal Nutrition Consultant, Australia. The trainees were the staffs of PT CABS, lecturers and students of Animal Husbandry Faculty, Padjadjaran University. The lecturers joined with the training were Dr. Rahmat Hidayat, S.Pt.,M.Si. ; Muh. Fatah Wiyatna, S.Pt., M.Si. ; Mansyur, S.Pt.,M.Si. ; Ronnie Permana, S.Pt., M.Si. ; Diky Ramdani, S.Pt.,M.Anim.St. ; An An Nurmeidiansyah, S.Pt. ; Romi Zamhir Islami, S.Pt.,M.Si.

There was an interesting method of training where the trainees were set up to walk around the feedlot together with the trainer. During this activity, we had a lot of discussions. Miss Catherine Marriot was giving some suggestions and explaining about what she found in the feedlot especially in term of nutrition and operational management. In general, she found that the feedlot of PT CABS was running very well. This feedlot was fantastic, she said. After walking around the feedlot, we came back into the class to evaluate what we found in the feedlot and continued by Catherine’s presentation on ruminant nutrition. All participants looked interested and enjoyed, unless it could be seen from the condition of class which was very interactive (Diky and Teguh).