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The passion for writing has many forms.

Journalism, blogging, poetry or novelism.

However, today there is another type of modern writing activity. Rather peculiar and, well, intriguing. It is represented by essay writers and editors. Elusive and seldom seen in real life, they are working online. Every essay writer is an expert in a certain subject area. He\she has the knowledge, the skills, and he/she wants to use them.  

What’s there in it for you?

As a matter of fact, an online essay writer copes with an assignment 3 times better and faster than an “average” student. You can use it to your advantage.

  • Obtain considerably more free time
  • Earn higher grades
  • Boost your academic performance

According to the latest research, 60% of polled students anonymously confirmed that they use writing services. As you can see, customized essays by expert writers are astoundingly popular. No one wants to waste time on academic writing. And you know what?

There is definitely a rational kernel in it.

How do competent essay writers look like?

This is a serious job.

Students require original and plagiarism-free works to succeed. Therefore, every online essay writer has to be an expert on the first place. Here are 5 of the most important traits you have to check on:

  1. Your writer is a native UK or US English speaker
  2. He/she holds a diploma in a field of study you need
  3. You can contact him directly (via a Message Board, for example)
  4. He/she researches your topic and then writes from scratch
  5. He/she meets your deadline

The first two traits are the most important.

They influence the content quality of your new essay the most. Moreover, at a solid service you will get a Copyscape plagiarism report stating that your specialist provided a genuine piece.

How many writers are there at Best-Custom-Essay?

In total, our panel features 1000+ term paper and essay writers. Every member of the writing team is selected with great attention to details.

Background knowledge. Education. Experience. A potential online essay writer has to have excellent working qualities (abilities, skills, time-management, responsiveness) as well.

NOTE: Only native UK and US speakers are allowed to pass the tests.

Is it expensive to hire a professional essay writer?

Cognition comes through comparison.

You can find plenty of cheap services at writemypapers. They have cheap essays writers who carry out “cheap” papers. Moreover, you can even find some services with free-to-download works. But the quality there is even worse.

This fact leads you to the conclusion that only quality ensures brilliant results. And only an expert essay writer is capable of providing this quality you need to succeed.

Use free papers as samples. But remember that to earn an A, you need a fully customized piece of writing. Original and perfectly tailored.

Written from scratch.

Get it here – right now!

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